Pen Names – Who Are You Again?

Is Your Personality Feeling A Little Split?  Yeah Me Too.

There are two factors of independent publishing that causes me the most stress.

Pricing and Pen Names.


I just can’t seem to come to any definite conclusions for either.

I am constantly experimenting with pricing strategies so that I can find the optimal price for revenue, but one thing I can’t so easily experiment with is pen names.

My original plan was to have all the non-fiction under my own name, and all the fiction under a pen name.

My early thinking was that having more titles under the one name would give you more exposure and lead to sales of the other books, even if they were different.  My analogy was, since actor’s can play various genres and many people go to the movies because they like a particular actor, that it might be the same for writers.  Who cares what they write – give me more from that writer.

But I no longer feel that makes the best business sense anymore.

So once this zombie horror novel is finished I’ll start a new pen name for it, and keep pen name 1 for just the erotic romance (and maybe some mainstream romance).  She can also keep the dystopian thrillers because it’s too hard to change them to a new name (it’s easy to change the author name on e-books but difficult for print books).

I’ve already picked out an author name and in the process of setting up another blog (I’m used to juggling multiple blogs so it isn’t really a big deal for me to have a handful of author blogs).  And when (if – ha!) I finally get this novel finished new pen name will have her first book.


As you are aware I’m not a huge fan of the exclusivity of Select.  Apple has become by far my most lucrative ebook store for both the fiction and non-fiction so I’m really wavering on whether to put the new novel into Select or not.

Right now, I am leaning towards putting it in however, since it should be ready for the busy Christmas period and having a boost right around the new year for optimal buying time, might work in my favour.

I would not leave it in for more than one round though.  It’s only a few months right?


Oh yeah baby.  I’m doing it this year.  I’m waiting for next month to sign up officially but I’ve already told my family that I’ll be in full writer mode come November.

I don’t really need to do anything else that month right?


  1. Dan says

    I’m with you on the use of different pen names. It allows me to take chances I might otherwise not take if I put everything under one name. Not sure how useful it is to set up a blog for each pen name. I find that unless you are a famous, well-known author no one really follows you anyways. I’d just set up a static site with info on the author, books, and a way to contact. If one pen name takes off, then devote time to a blog.

    • Tracey says

      I agree that no one really follows you until you are a big name. I won’t be updating all the blogs at once though, just the author I’m working on at the time or who has a new book out.


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