My Books

Yes I know, you are all authors and marketers and therefore not interested in any of my books.

In fact, the only reason you are probably on this page, is to get a squizz at the books I write, to satisfy some curiosity itch you have — it’s okay — I understand.

But here’s the list anyway.  Just in case one of you does feel like putting your hand in your pocket (no-not for THAT, I meant for getting your credit card and buying up one of my lovelies).

My Non Fiction Books

The bestselling book I have under my real name is my trad published book Shopping for Shares. I was really proud of this and put my heart and soul into it. It’s since been into second printing and continues to sell well.

You can get it online as an eBook  or as a paper book. It’s also available at REAL bookstores in Australia. Cool hey.

I have other non-fictiony books too, all of them about business or money.

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Fiction Books

I’ve been experimenting with fiction books now.  Most of the case studies and experiments from this website are based on those fiction books (as are my sales reports).

I’m not brilliant at fiction yet. I tend to be a bit too ‘telly. I think it comes from being so ingrained with non-fiction where you are supposed to tell.

But I’m getting better 😉

Pen Name 1: Tabitha Levin.

feathered_lover-150x225Tabitha writes sexy romances. She’s is my first pseudonym, and my main bread winner. I based the name on a television character I loved growing up and my favorite number eleven.

The Feathered Lover (novel) is my newest book, although the collection of short stories I wrote, Desperately Delicious, still sells the best. She’s the most prolific with seventeen titles under her name (mostly short stories).

You can check out her (my) other books:

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Pen Name 2: Trista Frank.

New-Cover_Rabbit_Farm-150x225Trista writes horror and thrillers {or she will when I get around to writing more books}. She’s my second pseudonym. I chose the name because I wanted a crisp sounding female name starting with ‘T’ as all my pen names will be, and a scary sounding last name (Frank from Frankenstein).

I wrote my first novel under this name — it’s a zombie novel. I enjoyed writing it, but going by the fact that it gets no sales at all, I’m guessing it sucks big time. Yeah, I get that. Never mind it was a great learning experience. :)

Her (my) books from Amazon can be found at:

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