EzineArticles for Authors? Why not.

Years ago, I often used ezinearticles.com as a way to get traffic to my various websites.  It was actually a great way to generate a heck of a lot of traffic back in the day, and guess what.  It still does.

Now a lot of marketers dismiss using article directories like ezinearticles since the amount of link juice they provided was diminished a while back (most people used article directories for backlinks you see).

I never did use them that way.  I used them for two reasons.

1: the direct traffic they provided, and
2. the article syndication power (other people putting those articles on their sites).

But let’s talk about the first one – direct traffic.

Here is a screenshot of my EZA report for the month of June (last month):

As you can see, (if the image hasn’t gone too blurry), last month the articles I wrote years ago delivered 393 people to my various websites (clicks delivered column).  And have delivered over 30,000 visitors in the account lifetime (approx four years).

Now I don’t know about you.  But that’s a good amount of passive traffic.

So I’ve started writing articles again.

Right now, I don’t know if article writing helps fiction writers (it absolutely helps non-fiction writers).  But it’s definitely worth finding out.

And there is another reason I like eza for authors.  Under your profile tab, you can promote up to three of your books (either ebook or paperback) in your author profile.

This is what it looks like on my public profile for my name:

The links go to Amazon, and I’ve set this up for my other ‘authors’ as well.

Considering I get a good amount of people view my profile on ezinearticles, it’s worth adding your books here, at least for the exposure (I’m not convinced it sells that many books for you though).  But it does build your credibility.

What articles do you write?

For non fiction authors, this is a no-brainer.  You write ‘how-to’ information articles that are keyword rich, but also written for people.

I’ve found that catchy titles work best: e.g. “10 Ways to Sell Purple Sweaters to Emus”.  Humor works well within the article if it makes sense to use it.  As for word length, most of my articles are around 400 words.  You then get to put two links in your resource box.  I usually link to two different pages on the same website or two different websites.  Usually one link with be a keyword optimised link, and the other a naked url.    Sometimes I even put ‘click here’ links.  Shrug.  Do what makes sense for the article since you are unlikely to get any backlink benefit anyway.

For fiction authors.  I’m still playing with this.  But so far I’ve found talking about the genre as a whole works well.  So something like “Does 50 Shades of Grey Make Reading Erotic Romance Cool Again?”  Don’t steal that title – I might just use that.  And then in your resource box, say that you write erotic romance and to find out more visit your website.  I sometimes link to a free book.  Free sells.  Other times I just like to my homepage.  Whatever is more relevant.  You can’t link directly to Amazon though.  So your own website or a web 2.0.

Do you have to write articles?

Of course not!  I’m just an article marketer from way back, so its going to be part of MY traffic strategy.  I’ll also be using web 2.0 properties, building a mailing list, and even social media.  All of which I’ll talk about in later blog posts.

I’m a big believer in the butterfly marketing strategy:

One little flutter of one little article is unlikely to do much at all.  But hundreds of different flutters all over the web can cause a tidal wave.

It’s old school.  But it works.


  1. Derrick says

    Ezinearticles used to provide a lot more traffic 4 years ago than it does today, personally I am not sure if it is worth putting a lot of time into. But keep us updated how it is going, only way to find out is test.

    • Tracey says

      I was surprised that I’m still receiving a good chunk of traffic from there myself. The stats don’t lie. I gave them up years ago because of this, but currently they are the number #5 traffic source for pen name’s blog (and that’s only 2 NEW articles for her). Sure I’m still building traffic at her blog, but if it only takes me 20 mins to blast out a 400 word article, the benefits are so far proving worth it.

      So I’m back to using it.

  2. Alaina says

    I will have to try this. My goal is to use my blog to bring traffic to my books. My books are mostly romance, chick lit/women’s fiction, & contemporary fiction, so I wanted to write blog posts about “love in general” having that relate to my stories. Is it possible to use your blog post as an article on EZA or is it best to create a different post for EZA? thanks

    • Tracey says

      You can do either. I usually write different eza articles, but I know many people who simply use their blog post and publish it there. I think there is even a wordpress plugin that allows you to send your blog post directly to them.

      t xx

  3. Breakaway says

    So, I did one article mainly for the link, and in a week, it has had 45 views… and 3 clicks… a 6.6% CTR… i will definitely work on some more for this author.

    I love that my profile has the books in them to.

    • Tracey says

      Having a few articles definitely can’t hurt – especially as it gives more exposure, traffic and it’s set and forget. Hasn’t been quite as successful with the fiction though yet 😉

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