How to Set Up Different Pen Names at Amazon Author Central

If you want to write under different pen names, you might be wondering how to set up your Author Central page so that you can see all of your books.

Seems it’s actually pretty easy to do!

Set Up Your Different Pen Names At Your Amazon Author Central Page

All you need to do is

1. Log into your Amazon Author Central account

2. Go to the Books tab and then click on the Add More Books button.

3. Search for the book that you’ve written under your pen name.  And add it.

4. Amazon will then pop up a box that says that you are not listed as the author .. blah blah.

setting up a different pen name at author central image

5. The option at the bottom of the pop up box is “If you write under a different name, let us know”.  Click on the let us know link.

That’s it.

6. You’ll get an email to confirm that it really is you (so you can’t claim to be Stephanie Meyer when you are not really her) so click the confirmation link in your email.

And then your accounts will be linked in Author Central, but not on the Amazon website obviously (because you don’t want people knowing you are the same person – duh!).

To Switch Between Your Pen Names

Now to just flick between the two (or more) pen names you click the drop down box next to your name at the top.

pen names on amazon image


Using this method you are allowed to list three different pen names. They won’t be linked to the reader, only to you, so there is no need to worry about your pen names anonymity if that is important to you.

But I have more than three pen names. What do I do?

If you write under more than three pen names, then you’ll need to open another author central account. Use a different email address and set your account up and then you have another three slots to fill, just like with your original account.

You can still only have ONE KDP account (the main account where you upload all your books and check on your sales every five minutes, every day), but you can have multiple author central accounts (as many as you need). Don’t confuse the two.

Note: If you do have more than one author central account, make sure you log out of the secondary one before you log back into your KDP dashboard otherwise it’ll look like all your books have disappeared. Yikes! Simple fix to get your dashboard back is to log out of all your Amazon accounts and then log back into KDP with your correct account details. 

What about Author Central pages on the international Amazon stores?

Your main author central page works on the site only. It doesn’t link your books on the international stores, you’ll have to do that yourself by setting up accounts with those stores.

You don’t have to set up author central accounts on the international sites, (and I certainly don’t recommend you set one up on ALL of them), but if you have good sales in, say, the UK or France, it might be worth setting up a page in those countries.

What you need to do:

Add authorcentral to the start of that country’s main amazon page in the url, so for the UK, it’d be:,  for Germany: and so on.

Not all international countries currently have author central pages, but the main ones will.

Add your author profile and claim your books. They work exactly like the US account.

That’s it.

I hope this page helped you set up your author page.

If you need further help, check out the author central help pages.


    • Tracey says

      Yes you can. Although if you are using a stock photo be careful because most licences don’t allow this.

  1. Girdhar Joshi says

    Thank you Tracey for this post. But I am not sure why someone should use multiple pen names. Isn’t one name rather easy to popularize and market and build brand than working on multiples?

    • Tracey says

      Some genres work better if you separate them. Besides, I’d rather have ten pen names flying under the radar and each earning a nice royalty, than one. I don’t desire fame, give me obscurity (with cash benefits) any day 😉

  2. Mary Kathan says

    Thanks for this – I have been searching for an hour trying to figure this out! Seems easy to do too….

  3. says

    If I’m reading this right, it looks like I don’t have to open a separate Amazon KDP account for my pen name. I thought I had to do because I wanted a separate Amazon author page for my pen name, but was confused because I wanted the royalty money to go into my original account. So it looks like you’re saying everything will be okay in the same account and I can have author pages for both names.

    I wonder how that works for author rank. Do you think that would that be separate too?

    • Tracey says

      Hi Kim,

      Yes, one KDP account to manage ALL of your books. Then as many Author Central accounts (3 pen names per account) as you have pen names. You can use your KDP details to create the first Author Central account for your first three pen names. Also author rank is per author, so yes, all authors (pen names) will have a different rank.

    • Tracey says

      Hi Amy,
      You have to contact them and ask to remove the pen name. The Contact Us link is at the bottom of the page when you are logged into Author Central.

  4. Keith Williams says

    Your blog is excellent. Very informative (learned something new today,) with a wicked ‘tongue in cheek’ style that had me giggling.

    Thanks for the heads up re having different pen names, author accounts etc. Look forward to reading some more.


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