Confessions of a NaNoWriMo Virgin (and October’s Sales)

I will be drinking lots of this, this month.


It seems rather weird that I’d be giving advice about how to tackle National Novel Writing Month seeing as I’ve only just started it and it’s my first time, but hey I’ve written one novel already – I’m like a professional novelist now right?

Yeah okay then – I see your point, but I still think it might be good to compare notes at any rate in the hope it might help someone else.

My plan of attack with Nano is not to think about the 50,000 words (which actually doesn’t scare me that much anyway), but to think of what scenes I need to write each day.

It makes it much more manageable (to me) to think about writing one or two small scene’s, rather than write a whole book.

To make it easy on myself, most of the chapters in the book will be between 2500 – 5000 words each, containing a few scenes of around 1,000 words (or thereabouts – some are shorter some are longer).

I seem to write much better when I have a strong outline and sense of how long I think each scene will run for.  It helps me stay focused and on track.

I’ve just completed Chapter One (which is probably the shortest chapter in the book) and includes three scenes for a total first draft word count of 2,618.  The main characters have been introduced, Ruby (the protag) has spied her love interest (who is now currently in chains – poor fella), and we get a good sense of the story.

All in all a good tension-driven start!

And can I just mention that I’m already totally in love with this novel.  I haven’t even written the good stuff yet (yes there will be s.e.x.) and I already love it.  This job rocks.

October Sales

I think that my last month sales were an anomaly since October’s sales were significantly lower than usual.

I attribute that to a few factors.

  • Apple didn’t update on Smashwords during October (Apple represents a good 35-40% of my overall sales).
  • I hardly did any blogging or promotion (catching up on real life stuff).
  • I haven’t had a new release for some time now (that will change soon once the zombie novel is out of editing, and I kick my hubby’s butt into doing my cover).

There is also the fact that October represents a big publishing time for trad publishers (they release lots of new stuff just prior to Christmas) so there are a lot more new books in October and November to compete with.

But you know I’m still super pumped anyway.  How could I not be – this job (writing) is amazing fun, and I’ve only just started writing novels so it can only get better once they start being released into the wild.

Here’s hoping that your October sales were better than mine, and if you are doing Nano that your word count is coming along swimmingly.  As Dory would say (if fish could write) – just keep writing, just keep writing.

Tracey xx

P.S. Thinking of all my US readers who were affected by Sandy.  Hopefully you all stayed safe.


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