No Cold Wind For My August Sales – They Nearly Tripled!

August Indie Ebook Sales

Well the month of August has come to an end and according to the folks over at Kindle Boards it was a rather bleak one for book sales.

But since this is only my second month as an indie author I have no idea whether that’s true or not, and can only go on my own sales. Which of course I bet your hanging out to hear how I did aren’t you? Knew it.


August eBook Sales

In August, 5 Simple Rules sold 27 copies and Stranger (the erotic short) sold 4 copies.

Making a profit to me of just a teeny bit under sixty dollars.

Those figures are just for Kindle sales as I have no idea how many (if at all) I’ve sold on other platforms via Smashwords.

Ok, so I’m still not in the big league yet, but considering I only made 11 sales of 5 Simple Rules last month (I made an extra sale just AFTER I wrote the blog post saying I sold 10) that means I more than doubled my sales and actually nearly tripled it! Awesome stuff! Now of course I just need to continue to double or triple my sales again for the next few months until I’m in six figures 😉

It was interesting to note that my book sales for 5 Simple Rules spiked when the stock market rose in price and when prices fell I sold no copies for that day. There is also a VERY strong correlation between when I make a blog post on the simple rules blog and a jump in sales. At first I thought this might have been a co-incidence since I still don’t have strong traffic numbers there yet, but it did seem to appear that a new blog post meant I sold at least one book that day.

So it seems that if you are looking to increase your sales, at least for non fiction, then writing more blog posts on your topic does help get more sales.

Over the coming months I will also start building an email list for the simple rules books. I resisted for a long time in doing this, but thanks to a nudge by a good internet marketing friend (thanks Leo, you were right) I plan on going ahead. I think it’s a really good opportunity to connect and build relationships with your fans and it’s been proven that email subscription is one of the strongest ways to build your business. Over time as the list grows I’ll be able to let them know when new books come out which will give them a good early boost.

For Stranger I haven’t done any promotion at all apart from start a blog under the pen name and write one post asking if people enjoyed it to let me know and I’ll write more. No comments there, which doesn’t surprise me at all. Readers of erotic fiction are a shy bunch 😉

To be honest I have no experience in how to attract fiction readers. Being a primarily non fiction writer I am used to marketing to that crowd, but fiction readers want a good story. They are not interested in ‘information’, so I have no experience in marketing to this crowd. My gut feeling however indicates that this is a numbers game and the more books/stories that you have available the better chance you have of finding your audience.

Writing Projects

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m writing a second book for the simple rules series to gain a wider audience. I’ve just finished a very rough first draft and it looks like I’ll need another five weeks of editing/organising to polish it to publishable standard.

I plan on spending more time in editing and proofing this book as I felt I rushed 5 Simple Rules and didn’t give it the care it deserved which has resulted in it having a few small grammar errors. After this new book is finished I might actually go back and tidy it up and add some more content to make it better.

I still haven’t come up with a title for book 2 but I’ll be mindful in getting a good combination of searchable keywords and snappy title. I have a few ideas though. You know I do.

It’s a lot longer than the first so I’m going to be POD publishing it through Createspace as well as electronic versions. It’ll be interesting to see how the print versions go, so I’ll keep you posted.

Traditionally Published Book

This month my traditional published book Shopping for Shares hits stores here in Australia including department stores like Big W and Target. Press releases are also going out this week but I haven’t noticed any media interest as yet (it’s still a bit early at this stage). Last time I had to do television and radio which I’m utterly terrified of doing but there might be less interest this time around considering it’s just a second edition. It’s also available in eBook form but since its listed by my publisher and not me I can’t see sales reports on Amazon (I can watch the rank though to get SOME idea).

Now that the Kindle is available in stores here in Aus, I would imagine that the ebook version should do well, even though, in my opinion, it’s priced WAY TOO HIGH at $16.99. Yes that’s for the ebook version! I think they’d get far more sales (and make far more revenue at the higher royalty rate) if they lowered the price to $9.99 but of course I don’t get a say in this mores the pity.

I actually asked my publisher if I was able to get the e-rights to $0 to Rich back, but they declined. It’s not surprising but it is annoying because they haven’t even got an electronic version for it available, just the print copies which, because it‘s a few years old now, is too hard to find considering there are no bookstores left.

Sigh, never mind.

Going Forward

This month my focus will be on getting the second ‘simple rules’ book finished so that I can hopefully get it up in October before Christmas starts.

After it’s up I plan on a full month of promotion and marketing to go with it and I’m considering getting some paid PR done to boost things along. I have quite high hopes for this book and I’m putting lots of tender loving care into it to give it the best chance it can to find it‘s audience.

After that I’m considering writing another short story or two for some fun and a change of pace. Not sure yet if they will be erotic or not, although I’m leaning towards not unless Stranger starts to take off. I actually found the experience of putting a short story up rather fun and so it might be something I’ll do more of in the future.

Until next post (which might be a while coming until this current book is finished) I wish you lots of readers and sales.

To indie success for all!

Tracey xx


  1. says

    Hey that is awesome! Well done – you are killing me on both the sales and the work front – but I had to some research on my next book right – that’s why I was at the beach – honest! I do think Leo might have been right about the email list thingy – but its still an odd thing to get my head around – selling to a list – the very thing that just about turned me right off internet marketing before I even started too many years ago.

    So really I should get my head down and get my next books out ASAP – which means I should probably write them – right!

    • Tracey says

      I think I would have preferred to do the ‘research’ you did than type away at a keyboard. That sounds much more fun.

      I’m still not sure about the list thing, but I know Leo is right. Plus people must actually WANT to hear from me if they subscribe, shouldn’t they? Maybe I shouldn’t be so passive ‘oh subscribe if you want to, but you don’t have to, you won’t hurt my feelings’ and be a little more confident though.


  2. says

    Those are brilliant sales figures Tracey, well done! Good idea about setting up a site for your pen name, I’ll have to get cracking on that too.

    My little girl starts pre-school next week and my partner finishes work at the airport so I can get back to almost full time work again. This summer its been mostly very part-time. I can’t just set the little’un up with a bunch of toys and then go write 10,000 words in the next room LOL! She’s too inquisitive now and wants to get into everything I’m doing.

    Which is good in a way, cause with a dad like me, she’ll soon be building websites and earning her first million before she’s 10!

    Anyway, stay lucky and keep on keeping on!

    • Tracey says

      I know what you mean, the kids certainly don’t make finding time to write easy. It’s been worse lately because my hubby is now working from home and he hogs the computer! I don’t get much time to get on it these days. Momma needs her own computer!

  3. Alexis says

    Good Stuff Tracey – I’ve cleared a humble 15 copies for August but still feeling far too smug considering the pennies earnt – It’s totally different selling something “real”.

    • Tracey says

      Its so cool having something of your own selling isn’t it! I make so little compared to IM, but I love it to bits. Are you ever going to let me know your pen name? *cheeky look”


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