Book Marketing Plan

You’ve written a kick-ass book, got a click-lust cover for it, it’s been edited and formatted to look ultra professional, and your blurb/description is dripping with so many hooks that you are sure it’d nab even the most cynic of book readers.

But your sales are still languishing.  What gives?

Sounds like you have a case of Kevin Costner Syndrome – build it and they will come.  Except they don’t.

Nope.  Instead you’ve got to grab those readers by the scruff of the neck and start waving your book cover in their faces.  You’ve got to MARKET your book.

What?  You’re not a salesman?  Time to get over that one.  If you are an independent author, guess what, you now have to not only write it, but you have to sell it too.

But where do you start?

I’m glad you asked.  Because on this page, and over the coming weeks, months, years (whatever) I’ll be writing down my marketing plan for getting more eyeballs on my book sales pages.

This page will be more for me to keep track of what I”m doing, but I have no doubt it’ll be useful for you too (which is why I’m making it public).  I’ll also be adding and deleting tactics as I go, so it might change from the last time you visited.  Or not.  *shrug*.

My Book Marketing Plan – To Do List

  • Check the No.1 book in my category.  What is it doing differently than me?  How are they writing their titles, descriptions.  What else have they added – Shelfari info/Reviews/Author Notes?  Can I change my cover/title/description etc to be more like theirs?  Look at their sample.  How do they start?  Straight into the story or on the TOC?
  • Have I got a landing page for my book on my website?  (For non-marketers a landing page is basically a sales page).  Does it entice readers to click through to the retailers?  Do I offer a sample of that book on my website?  Does my website look professional enough?
  • Email list.  Am I promoting my email signup for new fans?  Is there an incentive to sign up?
  • Twitter.  Am I active enough on twitter?  What are the popular hashtags that I can use to help promote my book?  eg. #kindle, #ebook, #nook, #freegiveaway, #samplesunday
  • Traffic Generation.  How am I generating traffic?  SEO? Article Marketing? Web 2.0 marketing? Press Releases? Forum Marketing?  Blog Commenting? Guest Posts?
  • Kindleboards Book Bazaar. Have I set up a book page on Kindleboards Book Bazaar?  [You are allowed to have one thread per book which can be bumped once every seven days].  Are your book links in your kindleboards sig?
  • Goodreads.  Have I set up an author acct at Goodreads yet?  Are you using that to network with readers?

[I’ve only just started this page – more to come soon]