A Better KDP Select Strategy

If you’ve been reading this blog for anytime you’ll know that when I first tried out the KDP Select program I was thrilled with the results.

But then the exclusivity and restrictions made me realise that it wasn’t such a great program after all.  Especially since I seem to sell A LOT of my books on Apple.

Looking over my sales figures for the past 10 months that I’ve been self publishing it’s interesting to see that Amazon only JUST beats out my other distributors for sales.

Amazon: $1,504.39
Smashwords: $1,089.07
Other (Createspace, my own sales, etc) $186.16

If I had made my titles exclusive to Amazon I would have missed out on over $1,000 in sales.


I still think Select can work if you use it smartly.

My KDP Select Strategy going forward

As I’ve written about recently, I’ve started using a method for my fiction that is similar to the throwaway_writer method  in which it’s all about quantity, especially using short fiction and then bundling them into collections.

As of yet I haven’t got enough short fiction up to bundle and so far my sales have been less than impressive (and I’m not making my goal of writing one story a week either – one of my last stories took well over two weeks and still is in editing).

I still believe this method can work, and work well.  But you need the collections up first and then have all the shorts pointing to the bundle.  So I’ve still got a ton more stories to write before this method will start working for me.

Anyway … back to the point: My new KDP Select strategy.

I plan on having one book for each ‘collection’ that will be my promo book.  This book will be in the Select program (and this book only).  It will be a story just like any other but it’s sole purpose is to showcase my writing and also to promote the collection or other stories in that collection.

It’ll be priced just like the other shorts at 0.99 cents and I’ll be making it free as often as I can through the program.  Currently that’s 2|2|1 spaced over the 90 days.

I also will write another free short that I’ll put up on Smashwords for the other platforms so they won’t miss out on having a free title as well.  Again this will work as a promo title so that readers can sample my writing for free and hopefully then go on to buy other titles in the genre.

Each ‘collection’ will be made up of 9 stories/articles in a similar genre

So to summarise: there will be 9 stories for each fiction ‘collection’.  And 9 articles/short ebooks for each non fiction ‘collection’.

7 of those will be available as singles and also in a bundle.  The other two will work as my promo works: one will be in Select and the other as a free title on Smashwords for the other places: b/n, apple, sony etc.

All books (the 7 singles and the 2 promo titles) will all promote the collection (since that is what will make the most profit).

Maybe I’ll call this the tracey writes method 😉

For this to work obviously I need to finish the collections 😉 but also I need to make sure the promo titles are excellent as well.

Of course I plan on making ALL of my stories great (or the best that I can make them anyway), but I thought I’d have to mention that before I get the haters saying that I write crap (I do not).  Or that I’m only interested in the money (hmm maybe that’s fair – but I make no exceptions to wanting to be compensated well for my writing).

So there you go.  My revised, and I think much better, KDP Select strategy going forward.  I’ll keep you all updated on how it works once it get’s in full swing.


  1. Bea says

    Isn’t it possible to put stories up for Amazon’s Kindle, but not go through their KDP Select program?

    Or are you using the Program because you still feel it has advantages? I’m asking because your post on the Throwaway Writer’s Method, and his from Reddit (to which you had linked) doesn’t indicate that he uses the KDP Select Program…unless it’s something I either missed or is a ‘given’. Is that the case?

    • Tracey says

      Hi Bea,

      Throwaway Writer doesn’t utilise the KDP Select program from what I can tell.

      I only plan on using it on ONE story for each collection to help boost sales. I have no intention of putting all my stories in it since I make most of my money from Apple.

      So yes all the other stories on Amazon (and other stores) are not in Select. Just one of them that I’m using as my promo story.


  2. Alaina Trott says

    Hi Glad I found your post. I am a newbie to writing for kindle. I have written short fiction in the past (for fun) as well as poetry but I want to try my hand at short fiction again and see if my writing can bring in some extra income. :-) Thanks for sharing your strategy! Wishing you the best and happy writing!

  3. JR says

    Thanks, great update. Are your sales primarily from fiction or non-fiction? You’re talking a lot about fiction and short stories, but I thought you were mainly a non-fiction writer? Just curious what is selling for you.

    • Tracey says

      90% of my sales/income are still for my non-fiction right now.

      I’m experimenting with the short fiction because it’s fun (and I used to think I wasn’t talented enough for fiction) but I still plan on writing both.

      Got some more non-fiction ideas for later this year :)

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