Write Something, You Slacker!

I’m of course referring to myself, who hasn’t updated this blog (or any of my other blogs) for quite some time.

It’s seems, with me at least, novel writing and blogging do not go hand in hand. It’s either one or the other. And since novel writing makes more money (money? ha!), blogging get’s pushed to the side.

So what’s a writing mama like me to do when I get behind schedule?

Why sign up for Nanowrimo, of course!

nano challenge Write Something, You Slacker!

You all know the drill – 50,000 words in 30 days. 1,666 a day. 69 words an hour (you can write for 24 hours, right?). 1 word every minute. Or something like that.

Since I average about 1,000 words an hour that means about an hour and a half of writing something.

Sure. No problem.


50,000 in one month? Are you cray cray crazy?

Probably. But that’s beside the point. I actually don’t think Nano is all that difficult if you commit.

That it’s in November kinda sucks, because it’s right in the middle of getting ready for Christmas, which as you know, means shopping, decorating your house, and making delicious (fattening) food.

But since you’re a writer, you don’t need food to get fat – just exercising those butt muscles by sitting at your computer for an hour and a half a day [cough - twelve hours on Facebook - cough] is enough to get the same result. And who needs a pretty house when you have Pinterest pictures to cry over? And shopping? Well, even Grandma wants a copy of your latest tentacle dinosaur billionaire romance, doesn’t she? There, shopping done.


Well last I checked, there was no Nano police. No one is going to send you a report with a big ‘F’ on it if you don’t follow the rules to the letter. Besides, there are whole forums for Nano Rebels who jump in with half written books or write whatever they like. The only real criteria for ‘winning’ is that you finish your 50K. And that’s easy (as I’ve just proved above – it’s one measly word every minute).

So you are going to do Nano with me, aren’t you?

Come on, write something – you slacker!

icon smile Write Something, You Slacker!

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