Happy New Year. Hello 2015.

Another year. I’m glad that 2014 is over, it was kind of shitty. I had health problems, financial issues, relationship blowups. Whine, whine. Pass the wine.

But that’s over. 2015 is bright and shiny and new and full of possibilities. A fresh start and a million other cliches that come with the turning over of the calendar.

The only real goal I made last year was to publish twelve books – one for each month. I did that and more. I published 21 books. Mostly short stories or novellas, but two novels as well. That’s a big jump in my catalogue but sadly I haven’t (yet) become an indie superstar.

This year will be about working smarter.

I’ve got the content, now I need a strategic marketing plan. I’ll be writing more books as well, but this time I’ll be targeting what readers want to read, rather than what I want to write. I know marketing – it’s time I used it.

Plus I’ll be using the current landscape to it’s advantage, rather than complain that it isn’t working for me.

KU? Okay then, shorts and novella series it is. Maybe I’ll even become an All-Star this year. Anything is possible.

Low/Free first in series? On that one baby – series is the way to go.

Tropes and genre expectations? Don’t call me a hack – it’s just money honey.

The advantage of being independent is that you can change up your plan quickly. If something isn’t working – then you have nothing to lose by trying something different. You can change covers, titles, blurbs, keywords, categories. Hell, you can even pull a non performing book off the shelf, fix it up a bit, and completely relaunch it as a new title if you want.

2015 is the year to be fearless. Jump out of that Ikea desk chair and dance down the street naked. Delete Candy Crush and paint the wall behind your computer in stripes. Smash through all your preconceived ideas about yourself and become the heroine who’ll triumph and get the guy (or girl) after fighting hoards of dwarf zombies.

You can do it. I can do it.

2015 is going to rock.